Construction Insurance

Large amounts of work and money require huge investments in construction. Workers on the construction site are threatening their lives, working at high altitudes, using dangerous tunnels under dangerous equipment, toxic materials, heavy equipment, etc. As a consequence, construction is associated with a high risk of wealth and life. Some negligence or negligence on the part of the employee or owner can be very costly (forsikringsselskap norge) . This can lead to huge financial losses. In these tragic events, you need insurance intervention to help your company get out of the current situation. Here, construction risk management insurance was designed specifically for the construction industry. Construction insurance, like any other insurance, is used to protect various parties involved in the construction process.

Construction insurance provides comprehensive protection, ensures professional security in the event of unexpected events.

Its main areas include
Construction insurance is very important from the point of view of its range. It is very wide and specially designed to cover all aspects of the construction process to make the business process more flexible. Construction insurance covers these main areas of business. They are:

Employer liability insurance
Because the construction industry is full of many risks, each employee may be injured or killed at any time due to faulty equipment or negligence by supervisors or employees (Skadeforsikring) . Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees at the construction site. In addition, employees will have the right to prosecute the owner and demand compensation. In the event of such unexpected events, employers or employers may take out civil liability insurance because the insurance company pays for medical expenses or compensation.

Personal accident insurance
This insurance is specially designed for managers, individual entrepreneurs or business partners (Reiseforsikring) . This is useful in cases where the victim can not blame the other person for the damage caused to him.